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With more than 200,000 members, our family is growing. We’ve added contributing editors Eric Dickson, Tim Fields and Shawn Ambrosino to the Caesar’s Financial Team, as well as a host of contributing experts.

Eric Dickson is a former collegiate hockey player and financial advisor. He now specializes in exploiting profit opportunities in over-the-counter, pink sheet and small cap stocks. Over his last 111 trades, his clients have banked more than 2,232% in cumulative profits.

Tim Fields has been an investor for almost 2 decades, has amassed some great profits for his followers using “old school” fundamental techniques – putting his nose to the grindstone and getting to the bottom of corporate filings. Tim specializes in Initial Public Offerings and is the creator of the proprietary trading system for The 123 Advisor.

Shawn Ambrosino is a former professional wrestler and Division I college football player. His passion and aggression allows for him to exploit commodity cycles and emerging markets to find ETFs that show accelerated profit potential.

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"Caesar- thank you so much for the letter. I subscribe to 12 other letters, and yours probably has the best insight into the markets of any letter I've ever read. I can't believe it's still free."
- JH, Florida